Social media is a must these days. Whether you have a current plan that needs updating or you’re navigating the social maze for the first time, we can help you map out a plan to get your social efforts moving in the right direction.

At Wahine Creative, we take the approach that your business is unique and so should your social media strategy. There is not one-size-fits-all approach to social media. So we sit down, talk to you about where you are now and where you want to go. We’ll do a social media audit of your current efforts as well as those of your competitors.  Then we will map out an actionable plan for how you can be self-sufficient in your social media implementation.

Social Media Consulting services include:

+ Current social media portfolio assessment

+ Competitors social media assessment

+ Social media platform selection

+ Social media account set up

+ Create social media calendar

Don’t want to manage your social media yourself?

I don’t blame you! It can feel like a full-time job all on it’s own. Wahine Creative partners with Dynamic Social Solutions to provide full service social media management to our clients. Lori is awesome. You’ll really like her.